Art City

Downtown Mount Clemens

Mount Clemens Art City opened on March 9, 2020. With the cooperation of downtown building owners, we have filled many windows of vacant retail locations with reproductions of DIA masterpieces. The result has been a walkable, virtual gallery of of fine art in our community that residents and visitors can continue to enjoy throughout 2021.

Just days after the highly successful opening night we were in the throes of what we now know as the pandemic. All our plans for art walks with student tour guides, art talks at selected paintings on a spring or summer evening, and group visits by bus to see the originals at the DIA were put on hold. To keep everyone safe, we have
encouraged people not to gather.

Hope springs eternal, though, and at MCEP we hope that it will be safe for us to begin our plan again later this year. Until then, you can enjoy the pictures on your own. There is a walking guide map in the windows and a printed map in display boxes at our office at 92 NB Gratiot and at Saph Insurance at 44 Macomb Street. 

We welcome opportunities to work with other Macomb communities to help create their own displays. Just call or email us to start a conversation.



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