MCEP believes that all vibrant communities should have art, and we hope you do, too. The presence of art can enhance the quality of life and the economic climate in a community.  People want to live and work in communities that are striving to improve, and art can bring a positive energy for all.  We believe that art can play a role in our community’s rebirth after the many crises that have hit us, from the great recession of 2008 to the coronavirus that continues to challenge our lives.

In 2018, MCEP began working to do our part with a Sculpture Project focused in our neighborhood of south Mount Clemens.  In partnership with the Michigan Sculpture Initiative LLC, this now ongoing project hosts outdoor sculptures created by Midwest artists for a period of one year, at which time the sculptures are removed and replaced by new ones. With the assistance of local businesses and donors we were able to sponsor eight sculptures in 2018-19, nine sculptures in 2019-20, and 11 sculptures this current cycle of 2020-21.   We have also benefited from three donors purchasing sculptures for permanent display in the community.

New Sculptures Are on Display!

The annual changeover was completed last fall. From October 2020 through September 2021 you have the opportunity to view local Michigan artists’ sculptures.  They’re on display throughout the south end of Mount Clemens.  This MCEP community enhancement project is done in cooperation with the Midwest Sculpture Initiative and funded through the very generous support of individuals and businesses in our community. 

Gratitude is given to our Financial Sponsors of this year’s Sculpture Walk …

Alliance Health – Henry Ford Macomb

Ed Bruley

Randall J. Chioini

First Financial Services of MI

Goodman Sheikh PC

Greater Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church

Macomb Cultural & Economic Partnership

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Stephen Saph Jr.

Julie and Stephen Saph Sr.

You Call Bail Bond Agency

And Thanks to the Sculpture Location Sponsors …

Alliance Health

Chioini Group

City of Mount Clemens

Comfort Prosthetics & Orthotics

Forlini Family

Goodman Sheikh PC

Grace Episcopal Church

Greater Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church

Macomb Cultural & Economic Partnership

Maria Olivan

Michigan Transit Museum

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TGM Skateboards







Help Support the Annual Sculpture Walk Project


  • Become a Friend of Sculpture with a donation of $25   $50   $100   Other: ____________
  • Create a Group Sponsorship of a sculpture with friends/family.  ($450)
  • Be a Partner Sponsor of a sculpture.   ($900)
  • Be a full Sculpture Sponsor.  ($1,800)

Make your tax-deductible donation payable to
“MCEP Sculpture Project”
and Mail to: MCEP w 92 Northbound Gratiot
Mount Clemens, MI 48043

All of your donation goes
toward sculpture rental fees.

MCEP donates project administration
costs from its own funds.

3rd Annual Mount Clemens Sculpture Walk

October 2020 – September 2021

Walking Directions


Park your car at Shadyside Park on Northbound Gratiot and the Clinton River Canal. Find Short Jaw Cisco along Northbound Gratiot. Have time to go fishing?

Walk up Northbound Gratiot Ave. to Robertson Street. See Confessions on the northeast cornerDo you have any confessions to make?

Look across to the northwest corner to see Audubon Watcher. Do you wish you could soar like a bird?

Continue on the east side to 92 Northbound Gratiot and see To Bee or Not to Bee. What would this apple tree be without bees?

Walk further north to Church Street.  Cross Northbound Gratiot and walk one block to the northeast corner of Main and Church Streets. You’ll see Pescados at 115 S. Main Street.

Walk south to 133 S. Main St. to find Harmony in Nature at Alliance Health. Is your life in harmony with all of nature?

Cross over Main Street and go to 148 S. Main St. to find Seeker. What are you seeking today?

Continue south on S. Main St. past Robertson to 235 Southbound Gratiot Ave where Great Lakes is to be seen. Can you name the Great Lakes?

Walk further south to the corner of Southbound Gratiot and Colonial St. then cross the road to the west side to find Ark at 276 Southbound Gratiot. Do you believe there is room for everyone on this planet earth?

Walk on the west side of Southbound Gratiot to Belleview. On the corner you’ll see Homage to Matisse.  A tribute to a man of many shapes.

Travel further south to 1430 Southbound Gratiot Ave to reach Starry Night. When was the last time you gazed up at the night sky?

With your last bit of gusto and vigor head back to Shadyside Park. North on Southbound Gratiot to Wellington Crescent.  Cross both Southbound and Northbound Gratiot then head north over the bridge and back to Shadyside Park.

But wait, there are still three more sculptures you’ll want to get in your car to visit:

Turn right on Northbound Gratiot to Crocker Blvd, then turn right and proceed across the bridge.  Turn right onto Amvet Drive which turns left and becomes Riverside Drive. A neighbor who is an artist, Temple is located at 34 Riverside Drive. What do you think?

Return the way you came, Riverside to Amvet Drive to Crocker. Cross Crocker to 14 First Street, where you’ll find Big Blue X on the right.

Finally, take First Street back to Crocker Blvd. Turn right onto Crocker and continue onto Cass Ave to just before the railroad tracks. Turn right onto Grand Ave. Big Boy is found in front of the Michigan Transit Museum at 200 Grand Ave.

You’ve done it! We hope you enjoyed the journey and all the creative art that is part of our community for the next year.