Do You Love to Garden?

Do You Want to Make Mount Clemens a More Beautiful Place?

Can You Give a Small Amount of Your Time?

We are looking to create a series of Micro-Gardens to enhance the sculptures we install in Mount Clemens.  We need volunteers willing to plant and maintain these very small gardens near the sculptures.

What You Would Do

  • Volunteer a certain number of hours a week, decided by you, that can comfortably fit in your schedule.
  • Work with MCEP to choose a location that fits your time and desire for a micro garden.
  • Plan and plant your garden with perennial, native plants that will be easy to maintain. Then keep it up on a weekly basis.
  • You may have plants to share from your own garden, or MCEP will purchase them for you.
  • Your commitment is for one growing season.
  • If for any reason, we will not ask why, you need to quit, just tell us so we can manage the change.

What MCEP Will Do

  • We get the permission from the property owner to have a micro garden in the place we mutually agree on.
  • If you do not have garden tools, we share ours with you in a space you can have access to them any time you are able to garden.
  • We will purchase soil improvements and plants as we mutually agree too. We will not reimburse.
  • We will handle any complaints or questions. All you need to do is garden.
  • We will assist you in any way we can to make a completed project that is enjoyable to you and our neighborhood.

Call MCEP if you are interested:  586-783-6608, or email Ed Bruley at